Yoga is for everyone regardless of age, gender or ability. It’s an excellent way to start exercise, is complementary to a variety of sports and helps to maintain wellbeing as we get older. Yoga is not a religion; it is a useful tool for life.

I teach a sometimes gentle, sometimes demanding, form of hatha yoga inspired by the work of Vanda Scaravelli. For those looking to exploring all aspects of yoga (and not just a physical workout), instead of just ‘performing poses’, we seek to make the yoga useful to our individual needs. There is emphasis on a longer, stronger and more flexible spine, a calmer mind, increased energy and ease of movement. With practice, it is particularly helpful for those who are working with postural issues or back pain and to learn how to deeply relax.

Each class starts with a relaxation to minimise bringing tension into the practice. The Asanas (yoga postures) exercise every part of the body safely through a natural range of movement. Breath work might be just awareness of the breath or a more formalised Pranayama practice. Each class finishes with Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation or ‘Yoga Sleep’) to bring mind, breath and body together resulting in a feeling of wholeness.

What will you need?

As a minimum you will need a non slip mat, blanket, yoga strap, comfortable clothes and bare feet.


“"You certainly are an amazing yoga therapist. I really feel empowered with all the new exercises you have given me and they will allow me to take control of my chronic pain and move ahead in a new positive way." ”

SPrivate yoga therapy student

“"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support, encouragement, lessons and the preparation for the course! I am very grateful."”

JArtist & Trainee Yoga Teacher - Private Yoga Student

“"I have really enjoyed your pregnancy yoga classes over the last 6 months and would definitely recommend them to others."”

RLocal GP and First Time Mum - Pregnancy Yoga Student.

“"As a member of your yoga group I can definitely say that your sessions have helped my lower back pain immensely and if I suffer at any time I now know the positions to adopt to ease the pain! THANK YOU!"”

KDementia Charity Worker & Mum - Yoga Student, Group Classes.

“"I have really appreciated your professional approach and attention to detail. It feels as though my yoga is being taken very gently to a new level. We are very fortunate to have you as our teacher."”

IRetired Voluntary & Public Sector Worker - Yoga Student, Group Classes.