Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy; a gentle, safe means of keeping toned and supple without strain, of keeping aches and pains at bay and energy flowing, of relaxing mind and body, and preparing for the physical demands of birth – and motherhood itself.

What will you need?

You will need a non slip mat, a blanket, 2 pillows, soft clothes & bare feet.

Pregnancy Yoga (Suitable after your 12-week scan until delivery)

There is practical support to prepare for labour but most of all the emphasis is on preventive care and laying the best possible foundation in the transition to parenthood. Each birth is unique and special attention is given to each new mother, whether she is having her first baby or she is a busy mother already.

You will learn techniques to relax, re-energise, centre yourself and connect with your baby. You will be able to do both breathing exercises and physical movements to relieve discomfort, move safely and position both yourself and your baby optimally. All yoga postures and breathing exercises are adapted/designed for pregnancy from classical hatha yoga.

Pregnancy Yoga is gentle and safe for all women, whether new to Yoga or with years of practice. I have a particular interest in helping to prevent and minimise both back and pelvic pain in pregnancy – all are welcome.

Postnatal Yoga (suitable anytime after your 6 week check):

For the mother

You will learn how to safely exercise and relax with your baby postnatally, to recover from pregnancy and birth and cope with the demands of early parenthood. Gentle postnatal exercises gradually help you regain physical strength, tone the muscles, enjoy deep relaxation and develop close bonds with your baby.

Postnatal yoga can address common complaints such as; weak pelvic floor, instability of pelvic joints, lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, split abdominal muscles. The classes use yoga breathing practices to involve deep muscles and restore core-strength or even create it anew.

Principles of postnatal recovery (core-realignment, pelvic joint stabilisation and decompression of the spine), are addressed by means of gentle isotonic stretches using deep abdominal breathing and some bandhas.

For the mother and her baby

You will learn ‘relaxed holds’, ‘swings, dips and lifts’, ‘hip sequences’, moves for strength and balance, moves for ‘tummy time’ and how to put songs and movements together. The course also covers movements that facilitate the transitions to sitting, crawling, standing and walking, using yoga principles such as non violence, quiet observation, detachment, respect and compassion.

The teaching of joint relaxation between parent and baby is given special importance as a way to help parents release tension and to allow babies experience relaxed parents.

“"You certainly are an amazing yoga therapist. I really feel empowered with all the new exercises you have given me and they will allow me to take control of my chronic pain and move ahead in a new positive way." ”

SPrivate yoga therapy student

“"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support, encouragement, lessons and the preparation for the course! I am very grateful."”

JArtist & Trainee Yoga Teacher - Private Yoga Student

“"I have really enjoyed your pregnancy yoga classes over the last 6 months and would definitely recommend them to others."”

RLocal GP and First Time Mum - Pregnancy Yoga Student.

“"As a member of your yoga group I can definitely say that your sessions have helped my lower back pain immensely and if I suffer at any time I now know the positions to adopt to ease the pain! THANK YOU!"”

KDementia Charity Worker & Mum - Yoga Student, Group Classes.

“"I have really appreciated your professional approach and attention to detail. It feels as though my yoga is being taken very gently to a new level. We are very fortunate to have you as our teacher."”

IRetired Voluntary & Public Sector Worker - Yoga Student, Group Classes.