I am privileged to teach a wide variety of students, both male & female, from all walks of life including:-  Artists, Musicians, Singers & Writers. Corporate professionals. Entrepreneurs. Health professionals such as Doctors, Midwives, Nurses, Physiotherapists & Psychologists. Parents. Persons of all religions and no religion. People with chronic & terminal illness. Public sector & charity workers. Retired folk from all walks of life. Services personnel (Police, RAF, etc.). Sports men & women, Pilates teachers & PT’s. Students. Teachers. Yoga teachers and Alexander Technique Teachers.

“You certainly are an amazing yoga therapist. I really feel empowered with all the new exercises you have given me and they will allow me to take control of my chronic pain and move ahead in a new positive way.”

S – complementary therapist – private yoga therapy student.

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support, encouragement, lessons and the preparation for the course! I am very grateful.”

J – artist & trainee yoga teacher – private yoga student.

“I have really enjoyed your pregnancy yoga classes over the last 6 months and would definitely recommend them to others.”

R – local GP and first time around mum – pregnancy yoga student.

“As a member of your yoga group I can definitely say that your sessions have helped my lower back pain immensely and if I suffer at any time I now know the positions to adopt to ease the pain! THANK YOU!”

K – dementia charity worker & mum – yoga student, group classes.

“I have really appreciated your professional approach and attention to detail. It feels as though my yoga is being taken very gently to a new level. We are very fortunate to have you as our teacher.”

I – retired voluntary & public sector worker – yoga student, group classes.

“I enjoy everything about the class particularly the way all levels of ability are catered for and we are given time to explore postures further and to focus and relax the mind (most important).”

P – retired – yoga student, group classes.

“For the older lady, the core work, twisting and stretching to counteract “shrinkage” is very valuable. Love the class!”

A – retired – yoga student, group classes.

“I enjoy the whole class. Afterwards I feel positive and relaxed. I had back ache before doing the class and it has seems to have got a lot better, not sure if its a coincidence or not but either way I really enjoy coming to the class and will be signing up for next term. Liz is a brilliant teacher, I am not co-ordinated at all so not usually good at things like this but Liz gives you confidence. She is such a happy person and creates a lovely atmosphere!”

R – full time mum – yoga student, group classes.

“I particularly like the variety of the classes and that no two consecutive classes are the same. I also value that you give easier and harder options to suit different abilities within the group”.

A – Psychologist – yoga student, group classes.

“I was having problems with my hips, so was interested to see if yoga might help, which it has (it’s nice to have exercises that I can I can do at home, and know are safe, when they’re playing up). But I also just wanted to be around other mum’s to be, and I have to admit that the class if even more laid back and friendly than I’d been expecting, so that’s a bonus really. What I’ve found most useful are the safe exercises to do at home for my hips; breathing exercises which seemed to help massively when my blood pressure went up (my midwife has been incredibly impressed at how much my BP has come down since concentrating on this); but I also feel quite well equipped going into the labour itself. It’s comforting having a series of moves/stretches that I know I can try and do when the day comes”.

L – Conservationist – pregnancy yoga student.

“Just to let you know that my operation went well. I used yoga breathing to relax during a long wait in anaesthetic room and 3 part breathing and calf exercises to help with circulation as my oxygen levels were low and they wouldn’t let me home until high enough – 3 cheers for yoga again! You can add pre-operative yoga to your cv too!”

E – PhD Consultant in Public Health – yoga student, group & private classes.

“I got the VBAC I so wanted 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for the fab classes – the breathing techniques helped me get through labour, stay calm(ish!) and make use of the gas & air and I actually still use the techniques now at home to help me relax fully when I can take a rest.”

S – Second time around Mum – pregnancy yoga student.

“Your classes really are a help; I somehow feel so much better afterwards. Thank you too for all the TLC you give. You always make us feel, individually, as though we matter, and there is a lovely feeling in your class.”

R – retired – yoga student, group classes.

“I have spent a long time since my first yoga class looking for the yoga for me, made some false starts, left it for years and your class makes me feel as if I’ve come home to yoga again.  Thank you.”

C – charity worker – yoga student, group classes.

“I have really found the class I was looking for; gentle but effective. Thank you.”

A – Horticultural Therapist – yoga student, group classes.

“Thanks so much for your amazing teaching and yoga classes which on both occasions has meant I have had really positive birth experiences and felt able to be in control of the pain. I will definitely be recommending your classes to my pregnant friends”.

L – Policewoman – pregnancy yoga student.

‘Thank you for the sciatica exercise suggestion. My husband needed a little persuasion, however after last night’s exercise he was pain free today!’

M  – retired children’s nurse –  yoga student, group classes.

“It was a lovely session, thank you. I was tired after, but felt really nurtured by the class, by you. It’s really what I’m looking for at this time (post cancer) and everyone was so lovely. I also found it refreshing that you could mention the ‘C word’ and not be fazed by it!  So, many thanks!  I look forward to next week…”

S – Horticulturalist & cancer survivor – group yoga classes.

“I feel fabulous after my first class, thank you! I can honestly say that it was the best yoga class I’ve ever had; I enjoyed every minute of it. Really looking forward to our class next week. Thank you, you’re a fabulous teacher!”

C – yoga student – group classes.

“Just to let you know that I am really enjoying the classes and am finding the exercises so helpful for my joints and especially in the pelvic area where I am quite challenged. I am trying to practise some of those hip releasing exercises here at home when I have a moment. So, I am really looking forward to next term and would like to thank you for your excellent tutorship.”

M – yoga student – group classes.

“Thank you so much for seeing us on Thursday, we both got so much out of it. For me the practice was crucial, and for my husband; well, not only does he feel confident that he can and does have a role in labour, but his back is also much much better. I can tell it really helped because he has actually been doing the exercises for his back every day since! You’ve turned him yogi already!! Thanks once again”.

Mr & Mrs S – private yoga students.

“The class on Monday exceeded all my expectations of yoga; very mindful and relaxing – perfect for me as I have difficulty in switching off. You are a perfect guide; calm, peaceful, caring and kind. Looking forward to the next class!”

G – retired – group yoga classes.

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my yoga sessions. Somehow you always manage to slow my mind down and relax me in this chaotic world. You really are an inspirational teacher”.

J – Full time mother of three – group yoga classes.